And a huge waste of time too. There are some heinous examples of training going terribly because it is just some random person throwing a stupid plan together with no idea what theyre doing. Get involved in your unit. This sounds like the episode Emergency Response from Parks and Rec, so interesting to hear about a real-life counterpart of it/how true to life that show really was. Look, Im a school employee, a military brat, and an LEO wife. I had to call out that day for a family emergency. You mean before that 9am brunch? Id like to nominate this man for worst boss of the year for this sentence ALONE. (Id clue in a coworker who could text when that part is over. If you get any pushback, then escalate it to whoever has authority. If you are in the National Guard, you may be wondering if you can skip a drill weekend. ****WARNING FOR SENTENCES BELOW*****. This means that a significant proportion of the volunteer labor force comes from people who are already occupied with paid labor elsewhere. I don't know how it was in the reserves, but in the Nasty Guard you had to make up the time and have a damn good exscuse. Some people believe working on the weekends is bad for your productivity. Hi there! The five most popular were: golf, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and running. Want to write a professional email at work? For this office, I would avoid a mental health day and really focus on something physical. Ive been a high school teacher and used to absolutely dread the mandatory yearly training on school shootings we do in the week before school begins. Either way, Im very sorry youre dealing with this horrific BS. My heart goes out to you, OP. I was eighteen when Columbine happened and wed had Dunblane here in the UK only three years before that. Thus, knowing what are some of the acceptable excuses to use so you can tell your boss you are not able to work on the weekends can be useful. I didnt read through all of the comments, so perhaps this is addressed upthread. It waits till the last minute to give Soldier's orders which makes employers upset as well as Soldier. Do they set real fires for a fire drill? If you have blond eyelashes and typically wear mascara skipping that..theyll think youre on deaths door. And dont give up. Hey Ive gotta drive to [Insert Town/College Name] to pick up [Insert Your Siblings Name] [Insert the Party Date]. Wed sooner head for somewhere in Europe or Australia (where we have no ties) first. 7 hour training is Crisis Porn. Two weeks ago, we had our first active post-Covid drill, meaning we were meant to act it all out. If its that sort of training day, it would be way more involved the typical quick drill or watch Run/Hide/Fight theyd be going over all the logistics, what processes to set up to prevent it, etc. If you graduated high school in the last 15 years, youve done active shooter drills. Sure, but like, a real fire evebt would also take a lot longer than a fire drill takes, and I dont think anybody ever suggests that fire drills should be lengthened to be more realistic. We just went through a mass shooting event at my university, and I can tell you the only information we really needed was to follow campus alerts, and to know the safe locations in our building to lock down. How awful. College is a priority. To enhance the dramatic effect, you can fill up your voice with tears and can have a catharsis you were longing for. Local law enforcement trains other law enforcement organizations. A friend from high school was sentenced to life in prison for committing one of the first, and worst, workplace shootings in Massachusetts. Uggggghhhh. Because lets be honest, who does not want to have a hot mug of coffee on the terrace while watching the rain pouring onto the glass of your windows, making a thud sound and yet so calming? if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'nevertherightword_com-large-billboard-2','ezslot_4',182,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-nevertherightword_com-large-billboard-2-0');report this adThis site does not constitute legal, mental, or medical health advice, please consult a competent licensed professional. (Joking, of course, but trying to make a point.) And if they press you too hard, start crying. Ive worked at a college for two years, administrative assistant to a Dean. It is also a less confrontational and frightening way to approach those issues, putting the onus to explain on him rather than on you. Any time this has come up at a job, Ive just had stomach flu the day of. I hope it goes well, and click send. Also for people who have been IN mass shootings or have experienced gun violence, these trainings can be very psychologically damaging. No joke, they slipped and fell WHILE managing a video shoot for a safety video, resulting in yet another work comp claim.) He has to fly armed. also, to clarify, it needs to be an employment lawyer. Yeah, do an internet search for Catholic Charities and active shooter. Warning mentions simulated situation and actual shooting. You haven't started studying for your exam tomorrow. I havent read all the comments, but this makes me truly ill. To be fair, I was already angry on your behalf before reading this letter. We were there for hours, literally, while they searched for the possible gunman, then after they caught him, clearing the university to be sure he didnt have an accomplice. Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission: The best way to be convincing when calling or emailing for a sick day is to TELL them you're ill and cannot come in, rather than asking if it's okay. Most of them are rifles and shotguns that are used for hunting and kept locked up when not in use, with ammo stored separately, and civilians arent allowed to own semiautomatic weapons. Before starting this site, A.C. has 10+ years of experience as management professional in a Fortune 500 Company. Below you'll find way to get out of a date, based on your situation. A teacher friend told me shes never been so proud and so sad as when one of her students went to the supply closet and distributed scissors and protractors to his classmates during a suspected active shooter event. Im sorry, but its an all-day event? My workplace had an active shooter training session prior to COVID that included several drills. Not a lot you can say to that. There are many reasons why people volunteer, including: Women volunteered more than men (28.3% compared to 21.8%), as measured across demographics including age, education level, and ethnicity. When you look back on yourself even 6 months from now, youll be glad you did. And, even calling 911 can be difficult in a real emergency. I mean, there are so many reasonable and sensible and logical ways to respond to being told to toughen up, and theyre all better than this, but sometimes If youre making me do this I want it in writing that when I forget this is a drill and deck somebody you pay my legal bills and I dont face any disciplinary action whatsoever is the way to their dear little dinosaur brains. Seven hours with comfortable clothing can only mean a drill that could be appropriate for law enforcement to have the muscle memory of what to do and where to go. You want to spend the time with your family and friends, It has a positive impact on your physical and mental health, You have the opportunity to develop networking opportunities, Yor provide a service or goods to the community. Theres a difference between practicing things so you can do them in an emergency, such as CPR, and traumatizing people so theyre more likely to panic when confronted by real danger. Heck see if you can schedule an appointment JUST FOR THAT DAY. This is especially true if you have school-aged children. It turned out nobody really cared that I wasnt able to make it to the training and nobody mentioned it ever again so hopefully your absence will be a non-issue. What Happens if You Miss One Weekend a Month in the National - Synonym I also dislike the concept of being locked in a room. I am a complete chicken- I once got dragged to a haunted house and I had a panic attack and they had to turn the lights on and call EMS. Were going to have people sit in a conference room and a deputy will speak. What if theyre going to do it several times? These are typically held one weekend per month, and they can last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. date went to be described later to the party host. However, the opt out usually looks like being told ahead of time what will happen and standing with a non involved officer rather than participating. Hey [Name], Im going to stay home tonight as things just ended with [Insert Your Partners Name]. On top of that, everyone was ordered not to use their cell phones. Learn more about NTRW here. Now, chill and relax. Its in back of my mind when I go to various stores. The fact that we landed on lets continually traumatize victims as a preventative measure enrages me. Thankfully my boss was fantastic and made sure I didnt have to attend an actual training. It was investigated, law enforcement believed it was just a rumor, and there would be extra police presence at school the next day. Good Reasons to Call Out of Work (Physical Jobs) 1. and if i got any pushback id say it was a mental health day. I would call in sick for this one even though I already asked not to attend. Id either lean into something genuine and chronic (back pain? And the ironic part: stress can lead to a higher frequency of migraines, even in people taking a preventative medication, so it would actually be quite possible I might actually wake up with one if I were in OPs situation. excuses to get out of drill weekend - You should not have to traumatize yourself at work. I have no idea what kind of training could possible take seven hours. Her lashes arent jet black! Oh my god. They used to kind of joke about the fire alarm being pulled and then a school shooting happened where a fire alarm was pulled and kids were shot leaving their classrooms/building. oh no, youre coming down with a bad cold the day before & have to leave early & advise youll wont be in the next day. You say hes a nice guy, but (And as a 6th grader at the time of Columbineoooof I am so sorry for all of us that literally nothing has changed since then). I have no polite words about your boss. As the first step in run-hide-fight, you totally should call in sick, say you are running. Workplaces do need to do security training, but it should not be hard to provide training that is specific and actionable without turning our offices into a badly-planned cop LARP. Im a boomer and if I can understand I dont know what your bosss problem is. This means that many people who are working full time are also studying. Pardon me if I dont exactly trust law enforcement to do your training for one minute let alone seven hours. Move away from windows? If your unit is one of the many that has had to cancel its Drill Weekend, dont despair! I think about my plan a lot bc the patients we serve make us a target. Speedy Search & Discovery. The OP could ask about if theyve done day long trainings on other disasters and how those were handled if that would make a difference, but Im guessing theyd need to opt out regardless.