Fleetwood Mac's second album, Rumours, dropped in 1977, and they hit the tour circuit to support it. While Del Rey can so easily manifest such a tragic sense of romance within her music, Nicks works to build this fragile pain even further. This is my favorite box set of all time. Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks - Whenever I Call You Friend - (AI Video - 1978) - Bubblerock - HD - YouTube Here is a great Bubblerock AI video"Whenever I Call You Friend" , By Kenny. Here are seven of Nicks most significant collaborations. 7. Kenny Loggins - Whenever I Call You "Friend" Watch on "Sorcerer" - Sheryl Crowe REO Speed Wagon. According to the Deseret News, his 12-year marriage to Eva Ein, with whom he had three children (and occasionally wrote music), ended in divorce in the early 1990s. We were frequently paired up to present awards together. Loggins had continued to write and record, and spending time with Mac through a long series of tour dates, struck up a friendship with the lead singer and increasingly influential songwriter, Stevie Nicks. Loggins served as a pivotal figure in the folk-rock movement of the early '70s when he paired with former Buffalo Springfield member Jim Messina, recruited Stevie Nicks for the classic duet "Whenever I Call You 'Friend,'" then pivoted to smooth rock in teaming up with Michael McDonald on their back-to-back Grammy-winning hits "What a Fool While so many of Nicks collaborations ooze a genuine 1970s aesthetic, her collaboration with modern-day princessLana Del Rey was a refreshing approach to sound. ), "I used colonics to help bring emotional clarity and get in touch with me," the musician wrote in a book that includes detailed instructions and specifics on his entire enema process, which he says changed his entire essence for the better. It's a surprise and treat that Nicks matched Loggins with ease on this one considering her own raw power. Famous songs that lent their titles - and in some cases storylines - to movies. In the Netherlands, the pop charts TV programme TopPop invited Dutch singer Kimm Hekker to stand in as the duet singer next to Loggins, as Nicks didn't come over to perform. The Foo Fighters song "Everlong" isn't about Kurt Cobain, but Dave Grohl's girlfriend at the time, Veruca Salt frontwoman Louise Post. He struck up a friendship with Stevie Nicks, who generously offered to sing one of his songs. Released in 1993, it contains many of the ballad hits from Loggins' solo career. Here is a great Bubblerock AI video\"Whenever I Call You Friend\" , By Kenny Loggins \u0026 Stevie Nicks , 1978This is a AI video where I used the program to copy the picsto a program to lip synch the voice and animate itThis is a AI lip synch video.AI programs used -1) Wav2Lip (Collab)2) Deepfake Face (Collab)3) Reface App4) REMINI AppThe Pic I used -1) Kenny \u0026 Stevie , various pics , I also colorized them.The song used to lip synch -1) When Ever I Call You Friend , 1978Enjoy this Bubblerock Gem !! The Doobie Brothers singer thought it was just okay. When Gary and I sang together, we sounded like brothers. We have the most hysterical video of him giving us a lecture telling us we were doing something wrong. Kenny Loggins. Loggins and Messina, consisting of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, scored a bunch of hits in the early 1970s, including "Your Mama Don't Dance," "Thinking of You," and "My Music." As a result of the ordeal, the elder Loggins had given up hope, and according to his son, he had "made up his mind he was going to die on the operating table." Sweet love flowin almost every night Pop, rock, a little new wave, a little '9 to 5,' and all hit music of 1981. Free of frills and other synthetic approaches, the duo sounded their most genuine in his cut. Stevie Nicks - Recorded before an intimate audience at Grainger Studios in Chicago, this magical night showcases the first recorded live solo album of Nicks' career. Their opening act was none other than a now-solo Kenny Loggins. I know forever well be doin it right, Whenever I call you friend This track is post Stevie Nicks 1977 Rumour era at its best. The smooth and sultry track was the only one on the album that Nicks didnt write (or co-write). Trading in the singer-songwriter vernacular, the younger Crosby led several bands, according to AllMusic, such as Crosby Loggins and the Leadbirds, Crosby Loggins and the Namedroppers, and Crosby Loggins and the Light, with whom the musician recorded his first album, 2007's "We All Go Home," which includes 10 self-composed tunes. It was a hit, and the duo would continue to record under the umbrella name Loggins and Messina. Kenny Loggins penned the upbeat, ultra romantic Whenever I Call You Friend in 1978 with the help of singer-songwriter Melissa Manchester, with the intention of having Manchester sing on the track with him as a duet. According to Loggins' website bio, in 1977 he released his first all-alone record, "Celebrate Me Home," which earned the attention of Fleetwood Mac, who asked him to be an opening act on the tour in support of "Rumours," one of the best-selling and most popular LPs of all time. It was written byTom PettyandMike CampbellforTom Petty and the Heartbreakers, however, it was eventually arranged for Nicks to sing. Kenny Loggins remarkable four-decade-plus career has brought him from the top of the charts to the toast of the Grammys. . Nicks collaboration with Sheryl Crowe on her 1972-written track (pre-Fleetwood era) was one of the most powerful shed ever dish out, considering her amateur experience in the craft. Here are seven of Nicks most significant collaborations. He left and went straight to a songwriting conference with McDonald, and was inspired by the words he'd said earlier that day. etty recorded the track with his band it has remained a mainstay in her solo performances, a song which boasts the immense power of her voice and the deep aching emotion she is able to deliver with every husky note. less recognised for her incredible collaborations with some of the worlds finest musicians and artists. Get ready, music lovers, because Record Store Day 2023 is right around the corner! Manchester got the same reaction when she played it for Clive Davis, the head of Arista Records. Of course, none other than Stevie Nicks could take up the role, and her husky harmonies in the background of the track work to tie it together and make it shine as one of the greats. Forty years ago, Stevie Nicks stepped out from the chaos and control of Fleetwood Mac with a hit-laden debut solo album that showed she could fly just as high on her own (Image credit: Peter Noble/Getty Images ) It's September 1980. "Whenever I Call You 'Friend'" is a song written by Kenny Loggins and Melissa Manchester, which Loggins recorded for his 1978 album Nightwatch. Due to scheduling and contractual issues, Manchester and Loggins were not able to record the song. Since Petty recorded the track with his band it has remained a mainstay in her solo performances, a song which boasts the immense power of her voice and the deep aching emotion she is able to deliver with every husky note. The channel debuted at Rady Childrens Hospital in 2013 and offers family friendly, animal-oriented stories that are both entertaining and educational, supporting Kennys core belief that every child should experience the healing power of music.. [Chorus: Kenny Loggins, Stevie Nicks, Both] Sweet love's showing us a heavenly light Never seen such a beautiful sight See love glowing on us every night I know forever we'll be doing. I believe I've come to understand. An avid wood carver, he so badly cut his hand around the time of the Loggins and Messina split that he couldn't play guitar for a while. !Come and check out my other Bubblerock AI videosand my other classic 800 Bubblerock pop music videosat my Youtube - danbanrock1 and Daniel Banic channelsPeace !! Conversely to the potent sadness that Nicks often expels through her music, this track gives you the warm and fuzzies, an upbeat number filled with goosebump worthy harmonies. Hed say, Wait one second everybody, stop talking and listen to me. Then someone would make some sly comment about little girls who have been caught doing something wrong, and then wed get back on the track. The track was an outgrowth of their friendship that was born during the touring days. These stories didn't end, either. Flawless harmonies tie perfectly intertwine with the beautiful simplicity of the track, a genuinely beautiful song. Stevie Nicks vs. Steve Miggedy Maestro - One Wing Dove - Miggedy ReRub 02:42:34 Hector Lavoe - Mi Gente (Louie Vega Elements Of Life Remix) . With Wynk Music, you will not only enjoy your favourite MP3 songs online, but you will also have access to our hottest playlists such as English Songs, Hindi Songs . Written by Kenny Loggins and M. Manchester. Ironically, I guess I never did.. The group released its debut album, Finally Home, on its own record label, 3Dream Records, in January 2013. Ever our love will last That doesn't mean that Loggins and Messina hate each other. Take this quiz to find out. In 1981 Jeane Manson recorded a French rendering of "Whenever I Call You 'Friend'" titled "Amiti et amour"; a substantial portion of Loggins's vocal from his 1978 recording was grafted onto the track. The lead single, "Whenever I Call You 'Friend'" featuring Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks (co-written with Melissa Manchester), reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Sunday 23 January 2022. The songwriters were vindicated when the single became a Top 10 hit. . . Songs included "I'm a Free Man Now" and "I Don't Want to Hate You Anymore," according to the Las Vegas Sun. Through it all, Loggins has continued to write and record the kind of music he wants to make, all while navigating a rapidly changing industry and a productive, often tumultuous personal life. Everywhere we are you and I were meant to be In the 1980s, Loggins also earned a new title: king of the movie soundtrack. The absolute strength to Nicks voice can overpower any mans, however on this track, it melts into Loggins vocal with ease. Bonafide badass is a great phrase for her.. be doin' it right. The bands are absolutely in no particular order. King was responsible for creating a sophisticated style and approach to electric guitar, and his influence will surely linger for many years to come. Though hes got 12 platinum albums, a pair of Grammys, and hits on almost all the Billboard charts under his belt, Loggins is far from done. He'd originally written "Whenever" with Melissa Manchester, with an eye to recording it with her, but Manchester's own contractual obligations put the kibosh on that idea. The absolute strength to Nicks voice can overpower any mans, however on this track, it melts into Loggins vocal with ease. He wanted to sing it with Manchester, but they were under different contracts. "[2], Manchester would record her own version of the song for her 1979 self-titled album in a duet version with Arnold McCuller. Nightwatch is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, released in 1978. The album is Loggins' highest charting album on the Billboard 200 to date, reaching number 7. Loggins met Barbra Streisand's boyfriend, Jon Peters, while working on "A Star is Born," and Peters subsequently launched his own career as a producer with "Caddyshack." Love Songs of Kenny Loggins is the first compilation album by American singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins. Pop, Rock and New Wave from the early MTV era. "Whenever I Call You 'Friend; is a duet with Stevie Nicks, who, though credited on the album track, is not credited on the single, making "Whenever I Call You 'Friend'", in effect, Loggins's first major solo hit. To his chagrin, Jim Messina, per the Mercury News, didn't enjoy a solo career on par with that of his former musical partner, in terms of cultural clout or charting hits. Listen here. However, due to contractual obligations on Manchester's part, Loggins was left without a partner - until Stevie Nicks stepped in! This album also featured the first released version of the Doobie Brothers' "What a Fool Believes", which Loggins co-wrote with the Doobies' Michael McDonald.[3]. He said, Okay, you want a little drink? He goes into this incredible thing about us being magpies. Combining their two voices together created a palpable electricity, impossible to shake. Listeners. Loggins would love again, however. He wasnt interested in a dull vocal. Credited to "Jeane Manson & Kenny Loggins," it reached number 54 on the French charts. The "Friend" of the title means the singer is friends with his girl, but also is in a relationship with her. Knowin I will be the lucky one Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty for "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - Stevie Nicks / Youtube. The late Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks shared a great friendship which was fruitful both on and off stage. When searching for back-up vocals on his trackCant Get Enough,the artist had to ensure that the vocalist would be up to the task of matching his bellowing tones. Instead, he recorded it with Stevie Nicks. In 1984, Loggins performed two songs on the soundtrack of the small town dancing drama "Footloose," the title song (a #1 hit) and "I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man)." Than memories day by daywe can see, In every moment theres a reason to carry on, Sweet love showin us a heavenly light Loggins released a second collection, "Time to Move" on major label Jive Records in 2009, not long after he won a reality TV show competition. However its Cheaper Than Freewhich holds the most special place in Nicks heart. One example of a fractious time between the two of them came after Petty found out that Nicks had inadvertently stolen one of his most well-known songs. It was a long night, but there was this very rare sense of community in the room. It's tough for a musician to break out of a group or band and go solo, with the record-buying public not necessarily willing to go along with the rocker or singer's new and unfamiliar directions. When we think about powerful voices, it is no surprise thatB.B. He scored a track on Tom Cruises Top Gun (Playing With the Boys) and performed that movies indelible hit Danger Zone., While Loggins continued to record albums that were deeply personal and introspective (from 1985s Vox Humana to 1988s Back to Avalon), he also began looking outward, contributing to 1985s landmark charity single We Are the World. I was fortunate that Michael Jackson and I had become friends, so he invited me to join in, Loggins says. "I knew deep inside that this is something I could do. Here are some of her most notable team efforts with famous industry names. Sadly for Loggins' heart, history would repeat. "We just got to be good friends and she said, 'If you ever need a chick singer, give me a call.'" Everywhere we are you and I were meant to be. His early songwriting compositions were recorded with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1970, which read more. On June 14, 2022, Hachette Books published Still Alright, Loggins long-awaited memoir. The song would hit #11 on the pop chart and bring Loggins a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. According to The Northern Express, Loggins nearly had way more involvement with "A Star is Born," reportedly offered and rejecting the lead role in the film, which went to Kristofferson. LOGGINS: The duet with Stevie Nicks was really the thing that brought me back into the . Loggins has a slightly different account of the song's timeline. Manchester recorded her own version of the song later, as a duet with Arnold McCuller. Loggins, who was born in Everett, Washington, and moved to the Los Angeles area as a young child, began singing and playing guitar in high school, and scored a job as a songwriter for ABC/Wingate out of college for $100 a week after a brief, unlikely stint as a guitarist for psych-rock band the Electric Prunes. Kenny Loggins listed as "Ken Loggins" - lead and backing vocals, guitar Stevie Nicks - lead and backing vocals Mike Hamilton - guitar, backing vocals George Hawkins - bass, backing vocals Brian Mann - acoustic piano (intro), electric piano Tris Imboden - drums Jon Clarke - horns, woodwinds Vince Denham - horns Bob James - string arrangements The beautiful acoustic track displays Nicks poetic ability and the true timelessness of her original sound. She said, I thought it was going to be a tongue-in-cheek goofy song, and it ended up to be anything but. Within a year, and after a viewing of the movie musical "Yankee Doodle Dandy," about the life of composer and lyricist George M. Cohan, Loggins realized he also wanted to write music. We would meet and chat in The Green Room, and finally, he asked if we could get together and write something. Sweet love showin' us a heavenly light. Lyricist Dean Pitchford, a sometime collaborator of Loggins, had asked for him to read the screenplay he'd written and, after performing that favor, Loggins performed two more, helping Pitchford write two songs, and quickly at that. The album was released by Intersound after its closure and acquisition by Platinum Entertainment. What have the artists said about the song? Rehearsing+in+the+hallway+w/ He had no reason to worry. Forever and ever, I think about the times to come Loggins pulled up for a songwriting session at Michael McDonalds house and heard the opening melody of What a Fool Believes coming out of the door. The Truth About Kenny Loggins And Stevie Nicks' Relationship. "I think for 'I'm Free' we took two nights.". Together, they would record a piece of success all their own, a track called "Whenever I Call You Friend," included on Loggins's Nightwatch album in 1978, says Song Facts. Id waited 7 years to finally make my solo album, Loggins says. See love flowin' on us every night. Think you know your Bob Dylan lyrics? Kenny Loggins with Stevie Nicks on AccuRadio. While the track was originally written and recorded in 2014, it. KENNY LOGGINS: This is my finale. Ive never seen such a beautiful sight He walks out carrying my little bottle of brandy that I use when I sing, which he hates because he doesnt drink. Stevie Nicks on Amazon Music. Everywhere we are. A quick dive down the Stevie Nicks rabbit hole reveals a plethora of incredible collaborations. With his breakup of Loggins and Messina, Kenny Loggins is well known for one of the most famous duo splits in rock history. [1], Melissa Manchester would say of her one-off songwriting collaboration with Kenny Loggins: "It came out of the oddity of the times - he and I kept running into each other at televised award shows, which were fairly newWe were frequently paired up to present awards together. A look at the good (Diana Ross, Eminem), the bad (Madonna, Bob Dylan) and the peculiar (David Bowie, Michael Jackson) film debuts of superstar singers. When his co-workers kept coming by to tell him "More Than A Feeling" was playing on the radio, he knew it was time to quit his day job. When he was 7 years old, as noted on his website bio, around 1955, the seed was planted and bloomed when he witnessed his older brothers try in vain to write a song. It may have not been in the cards for Loggins anyway, as he was still recovering from an accident. Rush. It was written by. This song is the 600th musical performance on the show. I said to everybody, We have to really treat this song with kid gloves, because this may be the best song that Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks ever does.'. Despite his massive success with the first two, which he at least co-wrote, Loggins didn't write "Danger Zone," nor was he an obvious or immediate pick to "Top Gun" producers. You and I have always been ever and ever, I see myself within your eyes 1,052,701 listeners. As Kenny Loggins helped Michael McDonald write "What a Fool Believes," McDonald helped Loggins complete the long journey to finishing "This Is It." [3] In 2012 Manchester, commenting on the absence of her version of "Whenever I Call You Friend" from her retrospective release Playlist: The Very Best of Melissa Manchester, stated: "The reason that it's not [included] is because I don't feel that I have a satisfactory version of the songKenny and I have not been able to schedule time to record it together, though we would both like to. Throughout her active years which span over five decades,Stevie Nickshas created an all-consuming body of work, writing some ofFleetwood Macsgreatest hits as well as building an acclaimed solo career, whetherStevie Nicks background vocals are holding the band together, or taking the stage front and centre, theres no denying her legacy. "I got pretty blindsided by Julia's decision to leave. Sweet lovesweet love yeah, Rock Songs That Are Loved For Their Live Versions, Peter Gabriel Shares New Mix of New Song The Court, Stevie Nicks Featured On New Gorillaz Track, Paul McCartney Is Going To Be On The New Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull Release New Song The Navigators. Instead, he found a boost to his solo career; "I think it was that duet with Stevie that really established me on radio." I believe in my heart that that song will live on forever. Long before he'd find success as the member of a well-known duo and under his own name, Kenny Loggins began paying his dues not all that long after he discovered he had a love and aptitude for music in the first place. In February 2021, Kenny released The Great Adventure, a brand-new single that is set to be used as the theme song for San Diego Zoo Kids television network. Ever and ever, Now I know my life has given me more Co-writer Melissa Manchester on the genesis of this song: Stevie and Kenny got close that year as he performed on Fleetwood Macs massive tour as an opening act, and was able to befriend Stevie and gain exposure as a serious solo artist to fans who recognized him from his days as one half of Loggins & Messina. Likewise, Loggins' burgeoning solo career got a big boost from another well-known and respected musician who voiced for him. Kenneth Clark Loggins (born January 7, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. I always want to call you friend, Now I know my life has given me more the artist had to ensure that the vocalist would be up to the task of matching his bellowing tones. However, like any relationship, it had ups as well as its downs. I keep getting asked the question of why but the answer is really simple. I know forever well be doin it, Sweet love showin us a heavenly light As he tells it, it's a sweet story of a sweet friendship. Mon 6th Jul 2020 23.00 BST. Here are seven of the best. Stevie Nicks was the talented vocalist for Fleetwood Mac, joining that group in 1975, says Biography. The second and final single, "Easy Driver", peaked at number 60 in early 1979. Charles Donovan of AllMusic said Manchester's version was a "far more supple, elegant song" than the Loggins-Nicks duet. Ive never seen such a beautiful sight "I'm a little scared," Loggins joked of sharing the stage with amateurs. While its impossible to ignore the sheer power and immense emotion that Nicks is able to conjure through her work, the artist is at times more searched for her iconic, Stevie Nicks style dresses, and Stevie Nicks hat and. The song was also covered by Michael Johnson and Alison Krauss. "He turned to me and said, 'Buddy, I know what you need right now," Loggins recalled. One of the first tunes he offered up was the beloved House at Pooh Corner, which became one of several Loggins-penned hits the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band recorded for 1970s Uncle Charlie and His Dog Teddy. Dave Stewart was a familiar name to Nicks as theyve worked together several times in the past already, butCheaper Than Freeremains to be one of Nicks personal favorites still. The names "Loggins" and "Messina" will probably forever be inextricably linked together. The smooth and sultry track was the only one on the album that Nicks didnt write (or co-write). The last time I experienced that kind of blend was with Jimmy Messina in 1971. They had such a great time writing and recording, Loggins proposed they start a band. Loggins wrote the perfect tune with his friend, Melissa Manchester Whenever I Call You Friend from his 1978 LP Nightwatch which he credits as the moment that launched my solo career.. In a 2020 interview with Professor of Rock, Loggins said he had been saving the melody for McDonald, his songwriting partner on "What a Fool Believes" and " This Is It ," and actually played it for him the day before his writing date with Manchester. I think about the times to come. Kenny Loggins was right to have chosen Nicks as a partner for this jovial duet, the two dishing out sumptuous harmonies and runs. His proximity to Fleetwood Mac led to a friendship with one of that group's singer-songwriters, Stevie Nicks, who agreed to sing "Whenever I Call You Friend" as a duet with Loggins on his next album, 1978's "Nightwatch." Whenever I Call You Friend - Kenny Loggins. . In every moment theres a reason to carry on, Sweet lovesweet love yeah Stevie Nicks extensive career has spawned an impressive body of work, the highlights of which are her times with Fleetwood Mac and the solo path she forged for herself. The duobroke up in 1976 so that Kenny Loggins could pursue his musical muse. Stevie Nicks voice pairs beautifully with the sultry stylings of Del Rey. It's a life song." Loggins and McDonald were able to quickly finish the melody and write the rest of the lyrics, too. The biggest hit ever for the Doobie Brothers, an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: "What a Fool Believes," a #1 hit in 1979 that went on to win the Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. I call him Slave-Driver Loggins. This 1970s rock albumrelated article is a stub. I asked him for some and hes swinging it at us as hes talking. He was crushed when McDonald turned it down because he didn't hear a hit. I wrote it during finals as a senior in high school, he says. According to Loggins' website bio, in 1977 he released his first all-alone record, "Celebrate Me Home," which earned the attention of Fleetwood Mac, who asked him to be an opening act on the tour in support of "Rumours," one of the best-selling and most popular LPs of all time. 1984 saw Stevie Nicks join forces with another diva of the time;Sheryl Crowefor Sorcerer. We dont answer him, we just talk to each other. Make a choice!" The first single from the Thriller album was "The Girl Is Mine," chosen over "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" because it was a duet with Paul McCartney and thus guaranteed airplay. InStill Alright, Loggins gives fans a candid and entertaining perspective on his life and career as one of the most noteworthy musicians of the 1970s and 80s. I believe in my heart that that song will live on forever. I went in and sang a bunch of my songs Id already written, and they signed me right there, he recalls. Kenny Loggins penned the upbeat, ultra romantic 'Whenever I Call You Friend' in 1978 with the help of singer-songwriter Melissa Manchester, with the intention of having Manchester sing on the track with him as a duet. (Before they were married, Julia Loggins was Kenny Loggins' hydrotherapist. Once he started doing it, he never stopped. None other than Eagles frontman Don Henley. The song was so powerful, it caught the ear of Al Gore, who later called it the unofficial anthem of the environmental movement., After a stunning run of solo albums, a Christmas album, and two LPs for children (Return to Pooh Corner and More Songs From Pooh Corner), Loggins reunited with his former partner Jim Messina for the Sittin In Again Tour in 2005 (the duo toured again in 2009). Rock Cellar Magazine reports that the two will reunite once more for some dates in the summer of 2022. Whenever I Call You 'Friend'" (with Stevie Nicks) - 4:01 "Celebrate Me Home" - 4:44 "Love Will Follow" - 6:20 "This Is It" - 3:56 Jimmy did it for me too. Than memories(KL)day by daywe can see If I get mad enough, hell say, This is really uncool over the talkback. Kenny Loggins & Stevie NicksMiscellaneousWhenever I Call You FriendWhenever I call you friendI begin to think I understandAnything we areYou and I have always been ever and everI see myself within your eyesAnd that's all I need to show me whyEverything I do, always takes me home to youEver and everNow I know my life has given meMore than . Even on Nicks' 2014 project 24 Karat Gold - Songs From the Vault, when the singer debuted lost songs written between the late sixties and mid . Everything I do, always takes me home to you The film has become the biggest release of the year earning over $1.5B in box offices globally and saw Danger Zone earning over 1M streams per day across streaming services at its peak. But the songstress didnt limit herself to the confines of these main focal points, as Nicks didnt shy from the idea of collaborating with other artists. Nicks provided backing vocals that matched Kings sheer power for a song that would continue to be a favorite years after it was released.